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Commercial Locksmith Service By Skill Keys And Locks Vista CA

Commercial Locksmith Services in Vista

Business establishments are more vulnerable to threatening situations, that’s why they require top-notch protection and security.  If you have a commercial establishment such as a store, restaurant, or office building, ordinary home locks are not enough. There are actually commercial locks specifically used for commercial purposes. In most instances, more sophisticated security is needed in order to protect valuable supplies, documents, expensive equipment, employees, stocks, and customers.

Most established locksmith services companies offer a myriad selection of commercial locksmith services suited to business needs. Any type of locksmith-related concern that your business establishment have will be dealt with efficiently and professionally by expert technicians.  Technicians are not only trained to assess, repair, and install, but they will also assist in the maintenance and operation of locks, bolts, and other advanced security systems. They even install master key systems with up to 100 access levels. Other services offered are assistance with lockouts, high quality and heavy duty locks installation, CCTV camera installation and operation, and many more. Business owners in Vista, San Diego, California have relied on Locksmith Vista CA to give them excellent locksmith services. Located in the heart of the city, the best thing about them is despite high quality services, their prices are surprisingly reasonable. Your valuable property is in good hands because we have dedicated service and support employees that take their jobs seriously. Their team of professionals guarantee the utmost security for commercial establishments. Satisfied customers have testified about the level of service that they provide.

Locksmith Services for your Business

Vaults and safes are extremely important for businesses.  They serve as storage of valuable documents and possessions.  Safecracking is both an art and a science that should be left in the hands of trained individuals.  In an office setting, there are times when we need to crack open a safe.  There are various reasons for doing so, foremost of which is a forgotten lock combination.  Other reasons for the need to crack open safes is when the lock malfunctions or when there is a fire or a burglary.  When it comes to opening safes, a trained commercial locksmith should be called in.  Lest we damage the safe further, it is best to let a professional handle it.

Locksmiths use various safe cracking methods in opening a safe.  There are various custom-designed tools and sophisticated equipment that are used by locksmiths at Skill Keys and Locks. Their expert technicians are trained to use these tools in order to open a business safe or vault.  They are able to open different safe locks, particularly those that are not so common such as high security key locks. They use these tools because they aim to minimize the damage and leave the valuables inside intact. There are various methods that locksmiths employ in opening a safes and vaults.  The most universal way of opening a safe is simply prying it open.  Unless you are an experienced expert, this is not an ideal way of unlocking a safe. Older safe models can be opened by cutting it by electric saw or torch.  These days, high security safes have obstructions such as copper plate layers that delay cutting. A highly trained locksmith employs safe manipulation techniques, which require exploring various combinations until it opens.

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Commercial Locksmith Service: Cabinet Locks

Another essential security need of businesses is the installation of cabinet locks. A highly-skilled commercial locksmith will do the job well. Businesses not only need high-security locks for their doors and entryways.  They also need sturdy and high-security cabinet locks.  Many businesses keep valuable objects and confidential company information inside cabinets. Examples are blueprints of products or buildings, ingredients or recipes, materials and instructions in making a product, or private customer information. Because these materials need to be secured and protected within the premises, business owners must purchase locks that will ensure the safety of these items. To avoid further damage or the possibility of valuable office documents and materials to fall into the wrong hands, sturdy file cabinets are used to house them.   Sturdy cabinets also require sturdy locks. As we can see, businesses use locked cabinets for various reasons. Some of these reasons are to protect valuable documents from being stolen, secure personal information, and protecting clients’ and company’s privacy.

Several factors should be considered in choosing the right locking cabinet.  It is ideal to consider its features, materials, and dimensions.  Some filing cabinets have separate locks for all its drawers, while there are filing cabinets just have one master key that will open all drawers and compartments. Popular features of filing cabinets for offices are its safety features and fireproofing measures.  In case of fire, there are filing cabinets that will not burn and will protect the important documents inside. A professional locksmith can assist businesses in installing high-quality and sturdy cabinet locks. Many cabinets also come with their own locks.  The locksmith will even help owners choose the best type of locks and locking cabinets depending on business needs and preferences.

Business Locksmiths: Installing Panic Bars

One big part of the commercial locksmith services that Skill Keys and Locks provide is the installation of panic bars. It is a state-mandated law to install panic bars on emergency exits and doors in commercial buildings, malls, restaurants, shops, bars, and offices.  A panic bar is usually a push bar, equipped with a type of tumbler lever lock. Since a panic door is an important part of the building and it serves a crucial role in building security and safety, only a reliable locksmith should install it.  If you are not trained to install panic doors, then do not even attempt to do it because it requires special skill.

When a locksmith installs a panic door, the door from the outside is equipped with a spring-loaded metal bar.  This metal bar is placed horizontally across the door.  There are many types of panic bars, and a business owner will have to decide what type of panic bar will be placed on the doors of their premises.  Choices vary, and depend on the actual need, budget, and purpose. However, what panic bars have in common is this:  when you push the exit bar, the door will open.  If you do not push the exit bar, it will remain locked.  All panic bars operate this way. There are panic bars triggered with an alarm siren which prevents unauthorized exits.  When the alarm siren on the panic bar is activated, it will alert everyone in the building that there has been an unauthorized entry.  In this way, it also serves as an additional security measure.