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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have my car keys to be duplicated?

The car key is one of the most important component of a car. Of course, almost all of the cars in the market today will not run without the car key.  Meaning to say, you should be able to always have your car key with you anywhere you go. However, it is still possible to lost it or misplace it somewhere since you always bring it with you. Therefore, having your car key to be duplicated is a good solution to avoid you further problems when you need your car right away.

How will I be able to rekey my home locks?

Rekeying may mean two different things. First, “rekey” may mean that you will just change the combination of a lock. Meaning, it is still the same lock but has changed its combination. On the other hand, “rekey” may also mean that you will remanufacture a lost or broken key for a lock. After clarifying which one you would like to have for your home lock, you can now call an expert locksmith to do the work for you and be assured of the safety of your locks.

I locked my car then suddenly realized that I forgot my keys inside it. What should I do?

This is not a common problem for most people, especially when they are in a hurry. First, you have to make yourself calm and not try to use a wire to pick your car lock and act like James Bond. This might just result to further damage to your car. If you have spare keys at home, call whoever is available to get it for you. If there is none, you can always call an expert locksmith to do the work for you while you wait.

Why is it better to have a replacement for my lost key rather than to buy a new lock?

There are two main reasons why it is better to have a replacement for your lost key rather than to buy a new lock. First, a key replacement is cheaper than buying a new lock system. You just need an expert locksmith to do this while you have to hire more people in installing a new lock system. Secondly, key replacement will require less effort and time from you than buying a new lock where you need to be hands on from choosing the lock system to its installation.

What are the types of car keys that you normally encounter in dealing with customers?

We have already encountered all types of car keys in the market right now, thus, proving our credibility in terms of automotive lock system services. Most common car keys we encounter are the remote keys. This type of car keys is challenging since every car brand’s lock system may differ from others and since the whole car lock system should be considered while working on the car key; however, through our dedication in this field, we have gained various praises from many customers and even automotive companies, themselves.

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